Entertain. Empower. Enrich.

I believe all applications should deliver an experience that is both familiar, yet unique to the product and business. I’m passionate about creating innovative applications that entertain, empower and enrich people’s lives.


Today I consult primarily as a UX/UI Creative Lead.  As a consultant, I design new product concepts and help drive new ideas to release.   And ensure that the app design and experience will adhere to the latest mobile and web standards.

One of my more recent creative endeavors has been keeping up with my weekly comic – Storydweller


Over 17 years of digital design and development experience.  Co-founded an award-winning web-based photo management application and co-founded what is today the No.1 destination for competitive gaming. I’ve worked as lead designer and creative director at both Tribune and Clear Channel.

Agile Process
Animation & Motion
App Development
Brand Creation

Graphic Design
Project Management
UX & UI Design